Meet Your Guides

To say you’ll be riding with the best is an understatement. Our all-star cast of guides is poised to take you on an adventure that will last a lifetime. Tour de France cycling great George Hincapie will host your first dinner and lead the first ride. But there’s more, not only great cyclists, but trainers, fitness experts and, to keep everyone’s carbs up, a host of Cliffs’ expert chefs and sommelier Eric Cooperman. If you’ve not signed up yet, read on …

George Hincapie

Seventeen. It’s the name of George’s fabulous restaurant in his boutique hotel, Domestique, the designation for the rider who paves the way for Tour champions. Oh, the seventeen? George’s world record for the most Tour de France appearances. George Hincapie is The Cliffs Director of Cycling and your host and guide for part of our inaugural tour. George has partnered with The Cliffs to develop special programs for our members, leading private rides throughout the year. We invite you to join in the fun and see all that’s in store here and for some of the best riding in America.

Vance Ferrigno

Vance Ferrigno is an exercise physiologist at The Cliffs. As Vance explains, “I do everything and anything related to health, wellness and fitness movement.” Vance is the co-author of “Speed, Agility and Quickness,” a book that’s been translated into eight languages. Vance holds a B.S. in exercise physiology, is a Nike 360 golf performance specialist and a USA cycling level 2 coach. One of Vance’s greatest job satisfactions is training new riders at The Cliffs to climb “the Watershed,” a six-mile climb. Vance exemplifies why at The Cliffs we say, “There’s life, and then there’s living.”

Richard Dunn

Richard Dunn has been in competitive cycling since 1970 as a member of the U.S. National Team and has been coaching mountain and road biking since the late ‘80s. For him, there is no place that can match what The Cliffs offers. Richard’s goal is not only to create the best cycling experience possible, but to make it accessible to beginners and experienced riders alike. From bike maintenance to positioning to nutrition suggestions, Dunn exemplifies The Cliffs dedication to the cycling community and its members. He’ll be alongside you for every mile of the Tour.

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